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Book banks coming soon: No need to buy books

In an attempt to limit the wastage of paper, the Punjab government has recently come up with the idea of setting ‘book bank.’

According to the reports these book banks will be set up in all schools of the state.In order to further strengthen the cause the NGOs which are already running the book banks have also joined in, in the initiative of the Punjab Government.

According to the reports, the government came with this idea in order to involve students in the process of preserving the books so that less number of books are printed. This will help in preserving the environment.

Talking about the initiative Education minister Aruna Chaudhary said “The Education department will set up book banks in all schools of the state in order to save precious time and money of the students. I would request all the students to submit their old books to give them to the needy ones free of charge.

“Every year, students purchase new books and huge amount of paper is used in printing those. Besides, precious academic time is wasted in the process of printing books. Not only this, students have to spend a considerable amount of money to buy new books,” added Chaudhary.

The initiative is on voluntary basis and no student is bound to give their books away if they don’t want to.